I made a caddy bag

A few months ago, when I was thinking that it was time to replace my current caddy bag, I suddenly contacted a manufacturing factory in China, and they decided to produce their own brand caddy bag. In the blink of an eye, the caddy bag was nearing completion, so I would like to write down the reckless footsteps of an amateur who suddenly embarks on making a caddy bag lol

[Amateur old man specs]
I'm in my late 40's, and my score is in the mid-40's.I work in the planning and sales of golf equipment, so my English skills are pretty poor, with a TOEIC score of 600.
Chinese: I only know the words I learned from Chinese cabaret.
Adobe super beginner (this is the most critical part)

■August 2013 - I'm getting tired of the caddy bag I'm currently using, which I really like and am satisfied with the detailed specifications.
I used a limited collaboration stand caddy bag between a certain foreign general golf brand and a certain foreign famous caddy bag manufacturer.
Well, as expected from a manufacturer that is classified as high-end, it was very comfortable to use.
So, next time I try to buy a similar type of bag, I'll be disappointed! Golf brand caddy bags starting with P have been switched to in-house designs, and most of the favorite points have almost disappeared. The caddy bags that I would like to buy are all priced over 100,000 yen, and I have no desire to purchase them given the financial condition of a small business. I have a slightly strange brain circuit, so I thought to myself, ``I should make it myself.''

■September 2013 - It's extremely hot outside, so I shut myself up at home and search for a caddy bag factory.
I'm already surfing the internet every day. I didn't go to many of my favorite rounds. After wandering around a lot of sites with written languages ​​such as English and Chinese, I came up with the following thoughts regarding caddy bags.
-More than 90% of the world market share is produced in China.
・Probably 100% of the plastic molded parts used in the bag are produced in China.
・China is the only place where all the small parts can be smoothly assembled.My memory is hazy now, but we suffered a lot due to the lockdown in China, but we have no choice but to outsource OEM to China. I come to this conclusion. From there, we will begin to make direct contact with factories in China that are as safe as possible in plain English. We selected about 5 companies and selected one by asking them to send us product photos and informing them of the required specifications.

■Early October 2023 - Pleasant weather, unsatisfactory specifications
We want to release it by the end of 2023, so we will start building a prototype as quickly as possible. We pushed through the somewhat unreasonable demands of completing the project, including custom parts, within three weeks of submitting the design and receiving the advance payment. I was charged about 3,000 USD for the production of 4 prototypes and custom parts (sweat), and I was instructed to transfer the money to a bank in Singapore. I'm about 60% suspicious, but I'm the obedient Japanese person who does what I'm told.
After we transfer the money, we will start working on the detailed specifications.
As the weather finally cools down and the weather continues to be perfect for rounds, it's time for me to start chatting and calling my Chinese representatives.
We had to decide on the bottom shape, base material and zipper selection, artwork submission, zipper pull and silicone rubber logo, exterior fabrication of the carabiner, press molding, etc. in a few days, but the person in charge at the other end was a little slow. So, even if I explain it in words, they won't understand, so I will proceed with the story with a diagonal interpretation. In the end, it was quite difficult not only to create dimensional drawings for each part, but also to find a Chinese parts manufacturer and finalize the specifications. Eventually, the design will solidify and you will no longer know the dimensions you specified.

■Late October 2013 - A bad habit of not turning down invitations to local competitions I play a round of golf, praying that no unexpected troubles will occur lol. Even in the cart, I chatted with the Chinese person in charge, and when we had so much conversation that I could no longer keep track of his past history, we finally started making the prototype. I really thought it would be completed by the end of October, but it was completed in about 3 days from start to finish. The on-time delivery is amazing. . The paisley pattern is different from the specified size.

■Early November 2013 - Seriously selling golf gloves on-site. A prototype was sent to me. It arrived from China in just 3 days. I use FedEx's expensive express delivery service. I was later charged an additional freight charge. Shipping death of 250usd per piece. Well, there were circumstances on my side where I wanted it as soon as possible. (Exhibited at Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Pacific Masters 2023)

■We will be taking orders and payments for bulk orders with the aim of releasing the product by the end of November 2023. The size of the paisley pattern was different from the specified size, so I enlarged only that printed pattern. Same as last time, I was instructed to pay by bank transfer in Singapore. It's still about 30% suspicious. As expected, I can't tell you the price here lol
Also, at this time, I ordered a microfiber towel to accompany the bag. I thought hanging a towel in my bag would make it look even more fashionable. At golf courses in Japan, carts come with water and towels, so I have a feeling that the usage rate of own towels is extremely low.

■Early December 2013 We have been working on product planning like this. All I can do these days is hope that the product arrives safely. Some of my kind friends have given me advance orders, but as of today (12/5) I don't know if they will actually arrive. The person in charge of the other party says something like "Maywenty". This is the first time in my life that I will be receiving a single container of cargo, so I am worried about where to store it in the warehouse. I have to prepare a forklift at the time of pick-up. I feel like death is overwhelmed with anxiety, wondering what will happen if it doesn't sell. So, to all my new friends who have stuck with me until the end of this article, we are now starting pre-orders with special benefits, so please place your orders.
Thank you! Click here for product page

■Scheduled to start shipping at the end of December 2023.

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