Collection: MAVLUS/Marvelous AAA Cabretta Leather Golf Gloves

MAVLUS is a high-quality golf glove made of the finest material AAA Cabretta leather, used by fashionable players.

All parts except the brand tag are made of AAA cabretta leather, the highest quality natural sheep leather, with an emphasis on providing a keen sense of the club's behavior and maximizing the fit.
In addition, reinforced pads made of natural leather are used in the areas of the golf glove that receive the most stress during swings, making the delicate fabric less likely to tear and improving design.

MAVLUS is a coined word based on the word 'Marvelous', which means 'something to be admired'.
The equipment has been certified by the R&A (Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews) and can be used in golf competitions.

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Please experience the golf glove that has an overwhelming presence that is far from the feeling of déjà vu. Not only does it have a visual impact, but it also has a quality that satisfies players. With the exception of some models, we have obtained R&A and USGA certification and can be used in competitions.

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