Collection: FLUO Golf Glove

Introducing FLUO golf gloves that attack with color. Based on synthetic leather made in a special color, AAA cabretta leather is used for the thumb area where you can feel the movement of the club and the palm area where wear is likely to occur, increasing operability and durability at the same time. Black spandex (Lycra) is used in the knuckles, where the most tension is applied, to create an exquisite fit. These golf gloves also come in a variety of colors that allow you to add variety to your coordination. This is an R&A and USGA compliant product that is particular about fit and sewing.

stiffcon golf gloves

Please experience the golf glove that has an overwhelming presence that is far from the feeling of déjà vu. Not only does it have a visual impact, but it also has a quality that satisfies players. With the exception of some models, we have obtained R&A and USGA certification and can be used in competitions.

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