Collection: STIFFCON custom putters and specially selected golf clubs

This is an extremely edgy putter that was custom made at a sharp workshop in Arizona. The basic design is a type with a PVD processing applied to the surface to give it a bewitching shine, and a live bullet rim embedded in the back pump section. If you are ordering a completely custom product that requires a delivery time of less than six months, you can also specify your desired alphanumeric text and paint color. If you would like a custom order, please contact us directly. The putters listed are available for immediate sale.

Also, on this page we will be selling golf clubs that the administrator collects as a hobby at great prices. We mainly stock PXG and Callaway. Many items are listed on Mercari, so if there is an item you are interested in on Mercari, please contact us by email.

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stiffcon golf gloves

Please experience the golf glove that has an overwhelming presence that is far from the feeling of déjà vu. Not only does it have a visual impact, but it also has a quality that satisfies players. With the exception of some models, we have obtained R&A and USGA certification and can be used in competitions.

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