TourTee™'s new TourTee Plus is amazing

I heard that Tour Tea would be releasing a new product, and without knowing the details, I ordered a lot of Tour Tea Plus with a custom skull print. Even before the busy manager tried it out, it received a huge response and sales are going great.

About a week has passed since its release, and the manager was finally able to make his round debut with Tour Tee Plus.
[Conclusion] Very good. be moved.
On September 1, 2013, I went to a golf course with a colleague from when I was an office worker at an optical equipment manufacturer, and I was hitting overdrive like a demon. It makes me want to bring a Doppler radar ballistic measurement device with me lol

What's good about it is that it maintains the advantages of the previous Tour Tee (easy to stick, easy to put on, hard to lose, doesn't break), but with the added benefit of ultimate reproducibility with a ball installation height of 45mm. The administrator had been using the previous TourTee for a long time, but perhaps because of his unsophisticated personality, there was definitely a difference of a few millimeters in the installation height. I was thinking about the reproducibility of the swing behavior of my knees and shoulders, but I realized that the reproducibility of the ground and ball is much more important. Well, if it's just about the installation height, you can use a regular stepped tee, but as a manager who loves TourTee™, I can only use the TourTee. I don't want to experience the long tee breaking during a round.

If you have 4 TOURTEE PLUS+ bottles, you can probably get around 50 rounds. There's no sign of it going away lol. I have a feeling that repeat purchases will be delayed because of this. So, please buy it from the link below.

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