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stiffcon gift card

stiffcon gift card

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This is a gift card that can be used at the Stiffcon official shop [].

・The gift card is valid for one year from the date of issue.
・If you have a balance, you can use it as many times as you like.
・Consumption tax and shipping charges at the time of product purchase are also included.
・Gift card codes and balances are managed individually.
・You will be required to enter a 16-digit code at checkout.

Gift cards do not need to be used up in one transaction; they can be used as many times as you like as long as there is a balance. You can also use multiple gift cards in one transaction. Consumption tax and shipping charges at the time of use are also included.

If you would like to gift a gift card, you will need to forward the gift card URL sent to the email address of the gift card purchaser to the family member or friend you wish to gift.

If you wish to purchase a product with a gift card, you will need to enter the individually managed code in the gift card code input field at checkout.

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