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HELL PATROL RED_Stiffcon Genuine Leather Motorcycle Gloves Hell Patrol Red

HELL PATROL RED_Stiffcon Genuine Leather Motorcycle Gloves Hell Patrol Red

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The ultimate motorcycle glove for spring, autumn, and winter, which was given the name Hell Patrol/Hell Patrol, and was produced by a golf glove shop in a serious and authentic manner.

In addition to using plenty of cowhide leather as the base material, a process that involves a significant increase in cost ~ Creating a bone-shaped mold for each size → Punching white leather → embroidering 19 white leather parts This is a self-made product that has been sewn on.

There are two base colors: red (RED) and black (BLK) , and five sizes: XS/S/M/L/XL. Available in sizes that can be worn by a wide range of people, from women's sizes to large men's sizes.

■The tips of the index finger and thumb are made of conductive material that is compatible with smartphones.■The inner layer is made of a material that is excellent in windproofing and heat retention to shut out cold winds.■The palm has a cushion pad and the outside of the little finger is reinforced with layered genuine leather stitching. Protection in the event of a fall ■ Suede is used to prevent the throttle from slipping ■ The grip on the wrist can be changed to your preference using Velcro tags

[Size guide]
XS: For general women, glove size approximately 18-19cm
S: For men with small hands and women with large hands, approximately 20-21cm
M: For men with normal to slightly small hands, approximately 22-23cm
L: For large to normal men, around 24-25cm
XL: For men with fairly large hands, approximately 26-27cm
■Reference: Glove size and selection points

This product is made of high quality cowhide leather. Storing the product in damp conditions may cause serious damage to the product. We strongly recommend storing it in a well-ventilated place that is not hot or humid.

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