Bring Golf to Life

STIFFCON's brand philosophy is "Bring Golf to Life," and we offer cutting-edge golf items that are unparalleled.

List of recommended products

    Luxury golf gloves made with AAA Cabretta leather that offer a supreme wearing comfort and tasteful coloring.


    A striking golf glove with a bold bone pattern that will add color to your every stroke.

  • stand caddy bag

    A one-of-a-kind golf bag with an elegant silhouette that stands out, and the highest quality materials that create the finest texture and water- and dirt-repellent properties.

  • FLUO

    A golf glove with a vivid color scheme that stands out and is comfortable to wear.

  • TIARA ladies' hands

    Two-handed golf gloves with exquisite coloring that will complement your golf wear.

  • Tour Tee™ X Stiffcon

    Custom printed skull and stiff con on the explosively popular tour tee.

  • stiffcon cap

    A golf cap with a glossy front logo that lifts your mood.

  • stiffcon golf socks

    Socks designed specifically for golf that have a straightforward message and prevent fatigue even when worn for long periods of time.

  • SNACK golf belt

    This belt is made of highly elastic material and genuine leather, and has a gentle color scheme that is perfect for accenting your waist.

  • bike gloves

    Bone cloves evolved for use on motorcycles. Super authentic motorcycle gloves made of genuine leather to the bone

  • Super rare! Golf ball

    This is an extremely rare TRUVIS golf ball that can only be purchased at the official STIFFCON shop.

  • Carefully selected putters and golf clubs

    Putters with an aesthetically polished finish customized in our Arizona workshop.



Golf gloves with an overwhelming impact will increase your excitement and deepen your bonds with your friends. Since its release, TULANG bone pattern golf gloves have received tremendous support from users.


Commitment to Customers

Stifcon's commitment

AAA cabretta leather

The genuine leather used in Stifcon golf gloves is the highest quality Cabretta leather. Please experience the supreme material that creates the ultimate wearing comfort and a sense of unity with the grip.

We introduce Cabretta leather in detail on our blog .

Bring Golf to Life

Bring Golf to Life / “Bringing life to golf”

This is our brand philosophy. We will continue to propose cutting-edge products with a presence that is unparalleled and with the desire to make golf more fun and exciting.

Manufacturing of trust

Stifcon golf gloves are manufactured at our partner factory in Indonesia. Before it is commercialized, we pay particular attention to texture, color, sewing, etc., and deliver products that guarantee quality. In order to deliver products that satisfy our customers, we negotiate with manufacturers in the United States, China, Australia, Pakistan, and other countries in addition to Indonesia, and select the most suitable production factory.

customized products

We also support OEM supply of various customized products such as golf gloves, Tour Tee™, putters with live bullets, etc. based on the customer's requested specifications. Please contact us directly for details.